The Ultimate Guide to Social Self-Mastery

10 Social Habits Destined to UP Your Interpersonal Game

Habit 10: Radiating positivity.

... how to radiate positivity!

Have you ever received a bad vibe from someone? What was that experience like? Have you ever experienced the opposite with someone? Chances are, the person who gave you the creeps did not take this e-course on creating an interpersonal life-and-success masterpiece.

Being positive is not something you do occasionally, it is something you are more often than not. Positivity is a lifestyle choice; whether you believe it or not, you are always in control of how you are feeling―always.

Being positive is more than keeping yourself from thinking negative thoughts, it is also about doing positive things. “This person made me feel bad, and this person did this to me,” are all excuses. Nobody can make you feel anything. You are always choosing how to feel, whether that means you are choosing to feel good or choosing to feel bad.

In a much similar way, the habits presented to you over the length of this course are not life’s necessities. You do not need to do any of these behaviors or incorporate any of these habits into your life.

Habits are exactly that: choices. I can choose, you can choose, to incorporate these habits into our lives, or we could not. It really is entirely up to us.

If you are someone who is truly invested in his/her personal growth, I recommend practicing these habits over and over for the next several months in order to establish a more accurate life-snapshot for comparison of how things were to how they have become. Take whatever information is useful for you, and discard the remainder.

I humble myself when I am reminded that there is not one successful way of doing anything, so I am sure that some of you will find that some of these strategies and habits are not a best-fit strategy for you in your life―simply because of the numbers of uncalculated factors that I have no way of predicting.

All-in-all, I thank you so much for making it to the end of this course! You are one of the few; you are one of the brave!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please send me an email at so I can make the necessary adjustments and take into consideration your valuable feedback.

Until next time, cheers.


Nick Nowak