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The Ultimate Guide to Social Self-Mastery

10 daily rituals Destined to UP Your Interpersonal Game

An Online Course Formulated to Increase Self-confidence, Strengthen Relationships and Better Decision-making

What you can learn:

  • How to build trust and energize people through social connectivity; how to encourage people to make wise choices
  • How to develop a better relationship with your work supervisor
  • How to facilitate “digital business” development through the identification of micro-trends
  • How to be more verbally fluent; develop conversation skills
  • How to appear sophisticated and wise through social roles, rules and scripts
  • How to listen effectively: effective listening skills
  • How other people function: what makes other people tick
  • How to feel socially self-confident and effective: role playing and social self-efficacy
  • Impression management (the most complex element of Social Intelligence)

Skills you will develop:

  • Emotional mastery: how to master your emotions and how to use your positive or negative affect to precisely influence others
  • Self-awareness: observing yourself and the feelings that come about
  • Self-motivation: channeling your emotions in service of your goals
  • Self-regulation: delaying gratification and stifling impulses in pursuit of your grander goals
  • Handling relationships: managing emotions in others; social competence and social skills
  • Rules of etiquette: social norms and behaving appropriately to social standards or rules
  • Courage and conviction: how these impact the respect towards you.
  • Positivity: how your positive affect is making or breaking the impressions others have of you.
  • Authenticity
  • Thoughtfulness and prudence: how to understand others’ points of view, consequences to actions and understanding the principles of self-disclosure.