The Ultimate Guide to Social Self-Mastery

10 Social Habits Destined to UP Your Interpersonal Game

Habit 3: Carrying objects in your left hand (if any at all)

Today’s habit is about carrying objects in your left hand. This habit may appear a bit peculiar at first; but if you stay with me for just a moment longer, I will show you exactly why this is so powerfully effective.

Let’s begin by asking you to reflect: how are you currently holding carried objects? Are you holding them with one-hand? Two? One on bottom and one on top? In between your fingers? Toes? What is your go-to method when it comes to carrying something?

Most of the time, people will say they carry objects with their dominant hand or side.

It seems almost silly that this makes the top-ten list of successful daily habits, but it makes it for good reason. By carrying items in your left hand, you free up your right hand for other important things, such as shaking people’s hands. If an object is being carried in your right hand when someone extends their hand toward yours for a handshake, to accept you must then fumble with everything you are carrying, simultaneously crossing your arms in front of your body which physiologically closes you off from the interaction before it has started, in order to shake the other person’s hand properly. You may also decline the handshake and make a promise for another time.

This habit is especially important for people concerned with their impact and image-management. All humans have the capabilities subconsciously to detect open or closed body language. It is in this way that we can tell whether people are happy or sad. Have you ever had it where you could tell someone’s mood without any specific reason as to why? It is because your subconscious can detect it for you; this instinct is a survival mechanism that is entirely engrained in our human DNA because it is imperative to our livelihood to accurately identify strangers as friends or foes in a moment’s notice. Your body language is exactly that indicator for most people.

Choosing to carry objects in your left hand will improve your interpersonal performance in business settings because you no longer will be fumbling over your briefcase. You will thus be projecting composure, and ultimately self-confidence.

By incorporating this daily habit into your daily regimen, you will also relieve yourself of any cognitive load or indecisiveness when it comes to how you should be holding things and with what hand; you will instinctively know that by holding objects in your left hand, you will be projecting your confidence, openness, and self-composure.



Homework Preceding Day Four

Start this exercise by beginning to notice which hand is your go-to means when it comes to carrying objects around. Did you consciously choose this behavior? How did it all come about?

Once you have identified your go-to means, consciously decide to carry objects in your left hand. These items can range from small ones like coffee and water bottles, to larger objects like briefcases or purses, to groceries and more.

By choosing to incorporate this daily habit into your life, you are NOT, by any means, revoking or denying access to your right hand usage if and when you need to use it.

Not everyone is a pro-juggler. This is an exercise for ease and authority.