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Annoying Habits

There simply isn't one human habit that is the worst or most annoying of all. Habits some perceive as good, others see as bad. A repetitive behavior may be maddening to one person and go completely unnoticed by another. There may be some truth in the notion that choosing the right mate is finding someone whose habits bother you less than anyone else's. One thing is for sure--we all have them eventually.

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Getting Comfortable With Yourself

Imagine you are at a cocktail party with guests who aren’t members of a common social group.  In fact, most only know the host (not each other).  The more reserved introvert needs warm-up time to observe communication patterns in the room before they feel comfortable. But, once an introvert gets drawn into an engaging conversation it can be difficult to tear them away!  Contrast this to the extrovert who has a need to circulate, drawn to the energy of other people.  The introvert is more likely to feel uncomfortable at the party- the chances of meeting just the right people to sit down and converse on a topic of interest could be fairly low.  If you are on the introverted side of things, here are three tips for feeling more comfortable in similar situations:

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