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Interested in Love, But Love is Losing Interest

Ever felt that a love interest (or a potential one) seems to be either losing or has lost interest in you, with no apparent reason you can figure?  You find yourself feeling disappointed, rejected, and/or extremely frustrated.  You may not find much comfort in this, but the same has been felt by most every other human, interested in a companion/partner...

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Hope for Loner Thinkers

Intellectualization: eight syllables for habits that could be locking you in a lonely cozy shack.

Psychologists use the word for behavior patterns when someone confronts a situation or memory with strong emotional potential. Instead of living the emotions, someone using intellectualization will respond with thoughts, creating a logical bypass to the feelings.

Imagine Deeann talking to Raquel...

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Defining Vanity, And How It Is Frequently Confused With Self-Love

You may have been contemplating recently: what is vanity and how is it not self-love, or is it?

Understanding the similarities and differences becomes much easier once we understand that our upbringing teaches us about self-confidence: what it is and what it is not. Even more interestingly, our society seems to have us all convinced that having self-confidence and self-love is somehow wrong...

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