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"Feeling Anxious About Not Seeing My Partner"

Often early in relationships, we can feel anxious, or even unstable if we haven’t seen our partner in a few days.  That fact alone is usually not the problem; it’s often accompanied by other factors.  Getting to the cause(s) of these negative feelings is essential.  Deciding what, if anything, to do, may be the most difficult part...

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Getting Comfortable With Yourself

Imagine you are at a cocktail party with guests who aren’t members of a common social group.  In fact, most only know the host (not each other).  The more reserved introvert needs warm-up time to observe communication patterns in the room before they feel comfortable. But, once an introvert gets drawn into an engaging conversation it can be difficult to tear them away!  Contrast this to the extrovert who has a need to circulate, drawn to the energy of other people.  The introvert is more likely to feel uncomfortable at the party- the chances of meeting just the right people to sit down and converse on a topic of interest could be fairly low.  If you are on the introverted side of things, here are three tips for feeling more comfortable in similar situations:

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From Pretending to Being Myself

People have asked me about living out patterns that aren't consistent with whom they believe themselves truly to be. For instance, someone who believes he's confident, funny, and strong feels as though he's let himself down because so often he acts shy, ultra-polite, and nice.

This could be a way of living and expressing oneself that conflicts with the way someone really wants to be. When you compare yourself to some ideal self, it's very likely you'll find things that don't measure up...

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Creating An Authentic -Self

We’ve heard it countless times: “Be yourself”. Is it really that easy to be yourself? How do we know what it means to actually be our authentic selves? Shakespeare, himself, even toted to be true to ourselves, but how do we get there? It’s helpful to first analyze the question of who we actually are. On the surface, many of us already identify ourselves a certain way, whether that is classified by race, gender, political party, financial status, and so on. While this may be part of us on some superficial level, these are moreso constructs of what was given to us the moment we we born, or are created even from our own point of view...

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How to Get People to Like You Without Feeling Like a Fraud

How can you come across as likable in a conversation, honestly, even if you think there’s not much to like?

How can you paint yourself as an ideal candidate for a job you have little experience in, without adding false information to your resume?

How can you show people the real you, without wearing your heart on your sleeve?

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"I’m One Person With Some, But Another With Others"

Some people are just who they are. You know the ones—those who pretty much say what they’re thinking and don’t seem to change to accommodate different people or places.  Sometimes these types can be refreshing because of their raw authenticity; other times they can be worrisome or even obnoxious. Those are probably far fewer than you’d have guessed...

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