How to Join the “Dating Game” With No Experience

Are you ready for a relationship, but don’t know how to put yourself out there?

Are you tired of being the only single person in your social group, but struggle to find a date?

Curious to see what all the “dating game” fuss is about, but don’t know how to start?

Well, look no further, cause this article is for you!

Establish What You’re Looking For

Before you can begin jumping into a relationship, you must first establish for yourself what kind of relationship it is you’re looking for. 

For most people, the “dating game” is only a game until you find the soulmate you’ve been searching for. For others, it’s a conquest-based way of life.

So, ask yourself, what is it you’re wanting to get out of the relationships you form? Are you looking for a partner for life? A one-night-stand? A hand to hold, or a shoulder to lean on? A source of income?

If you’re honest with yourself, your answer will define your dating experience, while also significantly narrowing down your search for the right romantic partner.

Make the First Move

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need prior experience to score a date, deliver a good pick-up line, or safely navigate the tricky waters of relationships. Sure, your technique might improve a little over time and trial-and-error, but you really only need two things to start dating, right now: confidence and persistence.

Everyone in the dating population can be grouped into three categories: those who aren’t looking for a relationship, those who are but are too afraid to ask, and those who ask at every opportunity. Can you guess which category scores the most dates?

Yup, the third!

Whether you’re looking for “player” status or not, only those who have the courage to step out and make the first move will earn the reward of a date.

Luckily for us, a large majority of the population lies in the second category – desperate for a romantic relationship, but just waiting for someone to ask them out.

So, why not ask?!

All you guys out there, be brave and ask her for her number! Don’t settle for simply making eyes at her across the room, go over and talk to her!

Chances are she’s interested too, but is just waiting for you to make the first move.

Ladies, make yourself available for him to pose the question – or even pose it for him, if he’s too shy. Show that you’re interested with a smile or a lighthearted comment, give him your attention and time, and be confident and open to inspire the same result from him.

Good things come to those who have the courage to ask for them.

Use Your Resources

No, I’m not talking about flaunting your sexual appeal here – though you’re more than welcome to employ that tactic if you wish.

I would, however, like to talk to you about the rising trend amongst the romantic relationships of today’s society: online dating.

Luckily for us, in today’s technological era, finding and asking a potential romantic partner out on a date, has only gotten easier through the use of online dating. Nowadays, millions are joining dating apps and websites like and Bumble, while the success stories are only growing.

To better put your name out there, explore options, improve your relationship experience, and see what the dating game is all about, consider joining an online dating platform of your choosing. With sites ranging all the way from Farmers Only to Christian Mingle, the potential pool of dating partners is endless, while you can search within your commitment level through life-long matchmakers like eHarmony, or swipe-and-hearts like Tinder.

No, creating an online dating profile is not the last-resort act of desperation it’s so often portrayed as in the movies. It’s the new best thing in dating, used by millions of people around the globe, that specializes in connecting lonely individuals where they’re at in life, love, and ideals.

So, go ahead! Browse those singles in your area, while keeping your options open in your day-to-day life, as well. Don’t let another opportunity for love pass you by, only to kick yourself over it for the rest of the day. Make the first move, and put the message out that you’re available.

Be bold, be beautiful, be confident, and most importantly, be you


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