The Curse of a Pretty Face, and What to Do About It

If you’re an attractive woman – or a woman at all, really – then you know the struggles that come with a pretty face, breasts, and a vagina. All gender inequality aside, sexual objectification of women is rampant all across the globe, while being especially present – and sometimes even encouraged – in today’s society. 

From unwanted catcalls, butt slaps, and innuendos, to the more dangerous stalkers, rape scares, sex trafficking, and harassment, here’s some practical tips on how to deal with the demeaning, and even life-threatening, struggles women face every day – simply for being them.

Stand Up for Yourself

Let’s face it: if you’re a woman who’s being objectified, bullied, or harassed in any way, chances are decidedly slim that someone else is going to defend you.

While there have been heroic instances of another man standing up for a harassed woman, most sexual objectification is either subtle, done in private, or so socially accepted the defender would be seen as the one in the wrong.

So, it stands to reason that your best, and often only, defense is yourself.

If a man catcalls across the room, forces himself into your personal space, or otherwise gives you unwanted attention, don’t just look away and try and ignore it. Stand up for yourself by telling him to back off, call out the objectification for what it is, or give him the middle finger.

If you feel like you’re being followed, are being sexual harassed at work, or feel threatened and creeped out by a man you know, don’t downplay it as paranoia or you being emotional. Report it to the proper authorities, ask a male friend or family member to confront them, or confront them yourself with a capable witness present.

It’s far better to be called a “stuck-up bitch” by a man who’s no better than a douche bag himself, than to become a victim of rape and trafficking, or labelled as yet another silent in the face of sexual objectification.

Be Aware

According to statistics, 1 in 7 women are rape victims, and approximately 11.5 million women around the globe are enslaved in sex trafficking. Don’t let yourself be counted among them, by making sure you’re aware of both your surroundings, and the threats that might lurk there.

So many of the incidences surrounding the victimization of women are incidents that could have been avoided had proper safety measures been put in place, or warning bells been listened to.

So, learn to pay attention!

There’s a saying that the instinctual feeling we get whenever something is wrong, is our brains processing things before our hearts have the time to alter the information. Either way, that little feeling we get in the pit of our gut is almost always right – the problem is learning to listen to it, before our emotions and desire to go with the flow get in the way.

If you’re somewhere alone and something doesn’t feel right, don’t rationalize that everything is fine, but rather leave or call someone you trust. If something just seems off about a person you’re with, listen to your instinct and distance yourself from them, limiting contact and ensuring that the two of you are never alone together until your suspicion is either proven true or false. If going somewhere or doing something doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it!

Bottom line: listen to your gut. It’s almost always right.

Break Out of the Victim Mentality

If we’re honest, the reason why a large majority of sexual assault and objectification victims are women, is because they are physically the weakest, and emotionally the most sensitive, of the two sexes.

In short, they’re too nice and too weak to fight back – whether physically or verbally.

Stop being an easy target, and start raising hell from the rooftops to help end sexual objectification once and for all!

Speak against it – whether to the man who catcalls you, or to your family and friends – and encourage other women to do the same. Be loud and be strong in defense of yourself and your gender – whether raising awareness, or fighting off a potential attacker.

Take a few minutes and do your research – whether it’s tactics sexual predators use, or learning the “grab, twist, pull” technique, the internet is full of life-saving tips and strategies to implement into your everyday life as both a preventative and defensive measure against victimization.

The world can be a dirty, evil place sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we have to make it any easier for those who seek to harm others. Be brave, be strong, and be loud.

You may be beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you wont fight like hell.


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