How To Keep Achieving Your Goals, Even If Everyone Else Thinks They’re Impossible


It can be hard telling other people about your goals.

Even more so for friends and family.

Clearly, if you have a goal exciting enough that makes you want to tell other people about it… it must be important to you.

So why aren’t friends and family supportive? Why can they shoot you down, tell you your goals are ridiculous, and encourage you to stop pursuing them?

Understand This: You Do Not Have Average Goals

You wouldn’t be reading this right now if you had average goals… And you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to achieve and have more than you currently have now. By definition, this sets you ABOVE average.

Setting lofty goals, achieving new things, and making plans for a bigger and better future… These are all challenges that will require work, risk, and uncomfortable growth. And most people go out of their way to avoid work, risk, and uncomfortable growth.

But you are more than willing to go through these challenges because you’ve determined what you want, and you’re willing to do the work to get there.

Other People Attacking Your Goals Is a Reflection of Them - Not On You

Most people are okay with where they are at. Even if they moan and complain about how unhappy they are, the truth is they’d rather take the familiarity of staying exactly where they are rather than the uncertainty they will come across when attempting to change their situation.

This is the default human condition.

So when loved ones hear of your goals and retort back with all kinds of negativity, telling you exactly why your plans won’t work, why you aren’t qualified to achieve them, what can go wrong…

What they’re really saying is that THEY don’t think they can achieve your goals.

But it gets even deeper.

See, if suddenly you start achieving more, becoming more, and having more… they don’t have an excuse as to why they haven’t achieved more. So rather than doing all the work it takes to achieve big goals, they will default to the easier work of putting you down.

Unless your loved ones have the same mindset as you, this will inevitably happen. It’s a facet of human psychology. To make your life easier and still help you achieve your goals, here are two solutions to the problem.

Surround Yourself with High Performers

You are the average of the top 5 people you are around the most. This is true with almost every area of your life - your finances, your health, your social life, and so on.

This again speaks to the ingrained tribe mentality we have as humans.

So to utilize this as a positive force, surround yourself with more like-minded high achievers who either have what you want, or are working to get what you want too.

If you haven’t done this before, it is absolutely life changing. What would happen for you, if instead of having your goals shot down, you had them supported?

If instead of hearing about ways that you will fail, you heard about different ways that you can succeed?

Physically being around and spending time with high achievers and top performers is best.

But here’s a secret - even if you don’t have any likeminded performers physically around you, they don’t have to be in person to affect the way you think, feel, and operate.

Especially today, there are countless books, videos and podcasts for free, as well as high quality courses and online mentors that you can invest in. Reading a book is like getting another person's entire life experience for less than twenty dollars! The investment in yourself is always the best investment you’ll ever make.

So surround yourself with high performers by any means necessary - even if they aren’t in person.

How to Be Around Friends and Family without Getting Your Dreams Shut Down

Maybe you don’t want your dreams shot down, but maybe you don’t want to completely distance yourself from loved ones either.

What to do?

It’s quite simple yet not talked about enough, really.

All you have to do is NOT talk about your big goals and ambitions with your friends and family.

If you were friends with them before you had your big goals, that means you had something in common with them. Whether that’s sports, favorite restaurants, TV shows... talk about whatever it is that both of you share an interest in.

This means discerning whether or not you they are the kind of person who will approach your dreams with negativity, as well as being able to think about what’s on their mind, what they are interested in - the skill of empathy.

Both discernment and empathy are highly valuable skills. By taking this approach to communicating with your friends and family, you’re relating with them more, while staying positive and focused on your goals, while also improving your own interpersonal skills.

The Big Takeaway

If you were to take away a single thing from this article, make it this:

There is a strategy to achieve what you want in every situation.

To continue helping you achieve your goals, I’ve developed a set of coaching exercises that I have my clients do. They will increase your self-confidence, strengthen your relationships, and continue to keep you focused on achieving more. To access these exercises, enter your email address below and sign up now.

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