The Top 3 Skills You Need to Learn to Attract Romantic Partners

Are you ready for love, real love, but don’t know how to conquer that first step of finding a date?

Are you trying to put yourself out there, but keep having your advances rejected?

Are you frustrated at your tendency to attract the wrong type of lovers, while you seem to go unnoticed by those you actually want a relationship with?

If your answer to any of those questions is “yes”, then this article is for you.

Here are some of the top 3 skills you need to learn, to start attracting more potential lovers in your everyday life.

1)  Be Confident and Make Yourself Available

Let’s be honest for a second: it’s hard asking someone for their digits or out on a date. It takes a lot of guts to go up to someone you’re attracted to with that intention, and for a relative stranger, the possibility of rejection is especially daunting.

Now, it’s generally accepted that the guy is supposed to make the first move, and while this may be true, ladies, this doesn’t mean you should have him do all the work.

Often, there’s a fine line between intentional, and coming across as a player. Not wanting to seem creepy, a guy will often hold his tongue when faced with a woman he’s attracted to – until the chance is gone, the coffee is paid for, and she vanishes from his life as quickly as she appeared.

If you’re a woman and are wanting to attract more men in your life, make yourself available and show him that you’re interested too! Make eye contact, smile back, give him the chance to start a conversation by making a simple comment, put some distance between your male friends so he doesn’t mistake them for a boyfriend, and try not to scare him off by appearing too busy and thereby unapproachable – after all, no one wants to be a nuisance.

Not making yourself easily approachable means you can not only miss out on the man of your dreams, but have a higher chance of only attracting those who are overconfident – AKA, the arrogant player.

If you’re a guy, are attracted to a woman, and think she might feel the same way towards you, then be confident! Start a conversation, ask for her number, ask her on a date… Just ask! The worst thing that can happen is she says “no”, and then you’re only back to where you started.

Chances are, though, she’s probably just waiting for the question.

2)  Be Honest and Vulnerable

Nothing ends a budding relationship faster than a lie, while most people are pretty good at detecting deception in others – whether they call it out, or not.

Don’t cheat yourself of love, and others of getting to know the real you, by telling white lies to make yourself seem better than you really are.

Research has shown that people are more attracted to those whose imperfections they can relate with. Plus, it’s a common fact that most women love a man they can try and fix, while men find the mistakes of a woman adorable, and generally comforting that they’re not “out of their league”.

The very sign of a good lover is one who accepts you for you, and one who is strong where you’re weak.

It’s okay to be vulnerable, to not have it all together, and to have differences of opinion.

After all, opposites attract, right?

3)  Put in the Work

Nobody likes a halfhearted relationship. Just as you much as you appreciate someone who takes the time and energy to get to know and spoil you, so would a potential romantic partner.

Now, I’m not talking just chocolates and roses here – though those definitely win the occasional brownie points.

What I really mean by “putting work into it”, is really studying your partner or crush. Find out their likes and dislikes, really engage them in conversation and listen to their answers, go out of your way to find small, meaningful ways to show them that you’re thinking of them each day, encourage them in their successes, support them in their failures – the list is endless!

For a woman, often the fastest way to her heart is simply taking an interest in her day and emotions – truly listening and contributing to the conversation – while small little reminders that you care like encouraging notes, gifts, and being quick to help whenever possible, go a long way.

For a guy, a great way for a woman to show that she cares is to pay attention to his likes and dislikes, making an effort to at least appreciate them herself, and being his constant encouragement in everything he does. Even something as simple as learning the ins and outs of his favorite sport/team, allowing him to be Mr. Fix-It with your problems, supporting him in his endeavors, and always reminding him of how amazing he is, can mean a lot to a guy.

Regardless of how you do it, every relationship – potential or otherwise – requires work and the more you put into it, the more you get out!


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