Who We Are

We are an online communitydedicated to the personal growth of our memberswho believe in the natural abilities of humans for enacting self-change.

Project: Dream Life exists to support those who wish to create a new version of themselves, free from the fear and worries that we have been conditioned to accept by society. Freeing ourselves from these fears allows us to reconnect with our desires and dreams - sometimes deeply buried, and derive more meaning and fulfillment from our lives.

This community and its resources exist to help us achieve this goal - identifying these dreams, and giving us to the tools to follow them on the path to their fulfillment.

Project: Dream Life is dedicated to those contemplating, or undergoing, change and transformation. Our organization is dedicated to youthe people who are dedicated to themselves. 

What We Do

Project: Dream Life is a work in progress and always will be - as we increase our focus on what helps, and move on from what does not. In practical terms the community and site will provide a variety of resources to help you on your journey - blog articles, webinars, study guides, videos, downloads, Q&A forums and many more - some are available today, some will be tomorrow, but all will have one objective - to help us all grow. As an analogy, we are a bullet train, to take your life to where you want it to be, as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Have a browse of our blog here, download a study guide resource here, or sign up for our next free webinar here, to get an idea.

Who we Serve

We are a resource for all, across borders, cultures and needs, and everyone is free to join. Anyone who is open to the journey, and who is motivated to understand themselves more deeply, will benefit from being a part of Project: Dream Life

We would encourage all to join and begin their individual journey, but those who are already in a period of self-reflection and growth, or who are working on specific interpersonal or emotional challenge that they face in their lives, may derive benefit more quickly and easily. Nick Nowak, the founder of Project: Dream Life and his team have worked extensively on interpersonal skill development to support those who have trouble handling their emotions, who have difficulties with human relationships and intimacy, who are self-conscious or lacking in self-confidence, who have fluctuating self-esteem, or worry about their social status, to name but a few. Feel free to contact us with any specific questions or worries about this.

Most importantly, Project: Dream Life is flexible enough to work for anyone who wants to improve their life.

How we Serve

Interpersonal Communication and Social Intelligence are the foundation on which we are based, and it is through building these skills that all areas of our lives will be improved - self-confidence, love and relationships, decision-making, mental focus, authenticity, life purpose and many more. All of our resources are tailored to this, though some will be focused on specific areas and others will be more generic - our members can pick and choose on which areas they spend time, and the team are here to advise along the way.

Those who have undertaken the steps to work on their Social Intelligence will often describe their growth using an exponential curve - after a long time of incremental or no change, a tipping point occurs and you harness the powerful effects of momentum through growth. We are all on this curve, we just need to reach the tipping point.

Project: Dream Life can be compared to a servant—your servant; we are your servants in your personal growth journey. ■ 

Ready for action?

For those of you whom are ready to take your next step, we have designed an educational, 10-day, electronically delivered, and all-inclusive mini-course for you. Click to download a PDF version of our e-Course entitled: The Ultimate Guide to Social Self Mastery. 

Founder Dakon Green

Founder Dakon Green

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